Spectral Cube ArithmeticΒΆ

Simple arithmetic operations between cubes and scalars, broadcastable numpy arrays, and other cubes are possible. However, such operations should be performed with caution because they require loading the whole cube into memory and will generally create a new cube in memory.


>>> import astropy.units as u
>>> from astropy.utils import data
>>> fn = data.get_pkg_data_filename('tests/data/example_cube.fits', 'spectral_cube')
>>> from spectral_cube import SpectralCube
>>> cube = SpectralCube.read(fn)
>>> cube2 = cube * 2
>>> cube3 = cube + 1.5 * u.Jy / u.beam
>>> cube4 = cube2 + cube3

Each of these cubes is a new cube in memory. Note that for addition and subtraction, the units must be equivalent to those of the cube.

Please see Handling large datasets for details on how to perform arithmetic operations on a small subset of data at a time.