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from __future__ import print_function, absolute_import, division

import numpy as np
from import fits
import tempfile
import os

from ..wcs_utils import add_stokes_axis_to_wcs

__all__ = ['make_casa_mask']

[docs] def make_casa_mask(SpecCube, outname, append_to_image=True, img=None, add_stokes=True, stokes_posn=None, overwrite=False ): ''' Outputs the mask attached to the SpectralCube object as a CASA image, or optionally appends the mask to a preexisting CASA image. Parameters ---------- SpecCube : SpectralCube SpectralCube object containing mask. outname : str Name of the outputted mask file. append_to_image : bool, optional Appends the mask to a given image. img : str, optional Image to be appended to. Must be specified if append_to_image is enabled. add_stokes: bool, optional Adds a Stokes axis onto the wcs from SpecCube. stokes_posn : int, optional Sets the position of the new Stokes axis. Defaults to the last axis. overwrite : bool, optional Overwrite the image and mask files if they exist? ''' try: from casatools import image ia = image() except ImportError: try: from taskinit import ia except ImportError: raise ImportError("Cannot import casa. Must be run in a CASA environment.") # the 'mask name' is distinct from the mask _path_ maskname = os.path.split(outname)[1] maskpath = outname # Get the header info from the image # There's not wcs_astropy2casa (yet), so create a temporary file for # CASA to open. temp = tempfile.NamedTemporaryFile() # CASA is closing this file at some point so set it to manual delete. temp2 = tempfile.NamedTemporaryFile(delete=False) # Grab wcs # Optionally re-add on the Stokes axis if add_stokes: my_wcs = SpecCube.wcs if stokes_posn is None: stokes_posn = my_wcs.wcs.naxis new_wcs = add_stokes_axis_to_wcs(my_wcs, stokes_posn) header = new_wcs.to_header() # Transpose the shape so we're adding the axis at the place CASA will # recognize. Then transpose back. shape = SpecCube.shape[::-1] shape = shape[:stokes_posn] + (1,) + shape[stokes_posn:] shape = shape[::-1] else: # Just grab the header from SpecCube header = SpecCube.header shape = SpecCube.shape hdu = fits.PrimaryHDU(header=header, data=np.empty(shape, dtype='int16')) hdu.writeto( ia.fromfits(,, overwrite=overwrite) temp.close() cs = ia.coordsys() ia.done() ia.close() temp2.close() mask_arr = SpecCube.mask.include() # Reshape mask with possible Stokes axis mask_arr = mask_arr.reshape(shape) # Transpose to match CASA axes mask_arr = mask_arr.T ia.fromarray(outfile=maskpath, pixels=mask_arr.astype('int16'), overwrite=overwrite) ia.done() ia.close(), cache=False) ia.setcoordsys(cs.torecord()) ia.done() ia.close() if append_to_image: if img is None: raise TypeError("img argument must be specified to append the mask."), cache=False) ia.calcmask(maskname+">0.5") ia.done() ia.close(), cache=False) ia.maskhandler('copy', [maskpath+":mask0", maskname]) ia.maskhandler('set', maskname) ia.done() ia.close()