Installing spectral-cube


This package has the following dependencies:

  • Python Python 3.x

  • Numpy 1.8 or later

  • Astropy 4.0 or later

  • radio_beam, used when reading in spectral cubes that use the BMAJ/BMIN convention for specifying the beam size.

  • Bottleneck, optional (speeds up median and percentile operations on cubes with missing data)

  • Regions >=0.3dev, optional (Serialises/Deserialises DS9/CRTF region files and handles them. Used when extracting a subcube from region)

  • scipy, optional (used for subcube creation)

  • dask, used for the DaskSpectralCube class

  • zarr and fsspec, used for storing computations to disk when using the dask-enabled classes.

  • six

  • casa-formats-io


To install the latest stable release, you can type:

pip install spectral-cube

(you may need to add --upgrade if you already have an older version installed) or you can download the latest tar file from PyPI and install it using:

python install

If you are using python2.7 (e.g., if you are using CASA version 5 or earlier), the latest spectral-cube version that is compatible is v0.4.4. Note that Astropy v2.0 <>__ is the last version to support python2.7.

Developer version

If you want to install the latest developer version of the spectral cube code, you can do so from the git repository:

git clone
cd spectral-cube
python install

You may need to add the --user option to the last line if you do not have root access. You can also install the latest developer version in a single line with pip:

pip install git+

Installing into CASA

Installing packages in CASA is fairly straightforward. The process is described here. In short, you can do the following:

First, we need to make sure pip is installed. Start up CASA as normal, and type:

CASA <1>: from setuptools.command import easy_install

CASA <2>: easy_install.main(['--user', 'pip'])

Now, quit CASA and re-open it, then type the following to install spectral-cube:

CASA <1>: import subprocess, sys

CASA <2>: subprocess.check_call([sys.executable, '-m', 'pip', 'install', '--user', 'spectral-cube'])

For CASA versions 5 and earlier, you need to install a specific version of spectral-cube because more recent versions of spectral-cube require python3.:

CASA <1>: import subprocess, sys

CASA <2>: subprocess.check_call([sys.executable, '-m', 'pip', 'install', '--user', 'spectral-cube==v0.4.4'])